Business Automation in the Photo refers to the Implementation of Technology and Systems to Optimize within a Business or Organization. Iterate using Software, Tools and Platforms.

Business Automation Services

Want to Put your Business Automation ?


Scaling Business isn’t Magic, it can be done by having proper systems in place

ETaxwala provides training to entrepreneurs on harnessing the power of the G-Suite platform to create efficient business systems. Our students are skilled in executing growth-focused activities, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity by minimizing manual and repetitive tasks.

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We Help Non-Technical Business Owners to build Systems from Scratch

Attention, business owners! A crucial statistic to remember: 7 out of 10 businesses meet their demise due to a deficiency in systems and automation. For sustained, long-term success, automation is indispensable in managing your business efficiently. Without a robust infrastructure of systems and automation in place, the workload can quickly become overwhelming, leading to potential oversights of crucial details.

Become System-Driven Entrepreneurs

Our students are experiencing substantial growth thanks to the implementation of effective systems. These systems have enabled them to automate many aspects of their business operations, essentially putting them on autopilot. G-Suite has emerged as an invaluable solution, particularly for email hosting, and it offers a comprehensive package for tasks such as document collaboration, data management, and process automation.

Here’s How it works

E-Taxwala and our dedicated team offer you a complete solution for becoming a system-driven business. We don’t just deliver lectures or motivational talks; instead, we provide you with an entire ecosystem, robust systems, and unwavering support to empower you to build and scale your business.

Improvement and Enhancement of Knowledge, ability and Expertise in a Particular Field of Technology or Technical Field to Upgrade Technical Skills in Painting.


Acquire the skills to supercharge your business and life by a factor of 10. Master the full range of Google’s business applications, including Forms, Sheets, and over 10 additional apps, to empower yourself to create and transform anything at any time.

The Person in the Picture is about Improving and Enhancing Technical Skills and Knowledge, Ability and Expertise in a Particular Field of Technology.


The cornerstone of every successful training program is its support and mentorship system. With us, you’ll receive daily live chat and weekly video call support from our team of tech experts. Additionally, you’ll gain exclusive access to automation experts in our Facebook group, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need to excel in your training journey.


Systems are effective; it’s people that can be unreliable. Embracing a system-driven approach has never been more straightforward. Gain access to a wealth of ready-made business tools, templates, business reports, and a centralized portal for seamless implementation in your business.

A person in the picture is a process in which a machine does more work than a person and provides the same convenience to a business.


Your average is shaped by the five people you connect with most. Consider joining our vibrant community of entrepreneurs, where you can collaborate, seek assistance, learn, create, showcase your work, forge new friendships, and, most importantly, have an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Entrepreneurs in the Picture and will Spread across India, Showing that an Organization of Entrepreneurs Can Come Together and Focus More on Business Growth.

Proven Results & Success Stories

We don’t hand out awards or badges; what we offer are tangible, real-world business results: leads, customers, scalability, improved time management, a more productive team, a system-driven approach, and ultimately, success.

Learn everything, Scale Everything🚀

Statistics reveal that a staggering 80% of businesses falter because they lack the essential systems and tools. Our training program is designed to equip you with the necessary system-building skills to ensure your success in every facet of your business—today, tomorrow, and indefinitely into the future.

Double your Leads & Referrals

Effortlessly oversee and monitor your orders and project progress from anywhere, at any time.

Put Operations on Autopilot

Manage and track your orders, projects progress from anywhere, anytime.

10X Team Productivity

Boost productivity by automating manual and repetitive tasks within your team.

No Daily Firefighting

Eliminate the need for firefighting with clients, team members, and vendors.

Increase visibility on Social Media

Establishing an online presence fosters brand recognition and instills trust within your network.

Business Anytime, Anywhere

Keep tabs on your business from anywhere, at any time, utilizing the G-Suite cloud platform.

Automate Business Reporting

An essential skill that every business owner and their teams must possess.

Get more orders

Enhance your credibility with existing clients by providing real-time updates on the status of their ongoing projects.

Business always Thriving

A business operating on autopilot will always be well-prepared to handle unforeseen events.

Video Editing & Marketing

Content remains king, and in the realm of content, video reigns supreme. Equip yourself with the skills of video editing and marketing to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

Blog Writing

Discover the secrets to doubling your organic leads through blog content. Unlock the seven steps to crafting captivating and high-impact blogs.

Company Portal

Streamline your business operations by consolidating all your documents, reports, and tools into a single portal for effortless one-click access.